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About Me

I'm a lovely strong independent woman trapped in an old saggy white man's disgusting body. Just kidding! I hate the gays. I hate that people dress up in clothing that makes them happy. I hate that I can't enjoy dressing up without people accusing me of being a hypocrite. I hate that my Lt. Governor got caught being himself. I don't accept that. I accept anything that lines up with my beliefs. I hate that there are still people out there who know about slaves when we should easily move on from it. I hate that some schools still have evidence of this. That will end soon.

I grew up dreaming of running this world the way it's supposed to be fascists. As a child I would spend my days throwing rocks at people that didn't look like me. When I don't understand someone, that just means they deserve to be eradicated. There was a boy in my high school that caught me dressing up in women's clothing. I laughed and played it off as a fun thing that people do for laughs when deep inside I was yearning to be who I really was. Now if I can't enjoy it, NOBODY can! If you're gay, black, or even a darker shade of white, you don't belong here. You don't deserve the same health care as me. This is who I am. This is truly the person you're looking at.

My Goals


Making sure government is ruled by a dictator who controls lives in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. 


Keep the baby!

To make certain no matter how you got pregnant or how old you are that you MUST keep the baby.


To make it permanent that Tennessee continues to have no law regulating assault weapons.

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