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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee


My Racism

I signed a bill into law that will restrict what public school teachers can discuss in Tennessee classrooms about racism, white privilege, and unconscious bias. I also allow to withhold funds from schools and districts where teachers promote certain concepts about racism, sexism, bias, and other social issues that  believe are cynical and divisive. 


My Homophobia

The laws passed in Tennessee, similar to those in some other states, are designed to restrict the rights to free speech and personal healthcare liberty for LGBTQ people. The problems that these laws allegedly seek to solve have not been demonstrated or explained. There is no evidence of children getting hurt at drag shows, but suicide and homicide are leading causes of death for teenagers, and you would think I'd put my energy into these very real and solvable problems, but I'm homophobic, so my mission is to eradicate the gays.


My Lt. Governor

My Lt. Governor, Randy McNally, has repeatedly interacted with the Instagram page of Franklyn McClur, who routinely posts provocative images of himself, often nude. “Finn, you can turn a rainy day into rainbows and sunshine!” McNally commented on a close-up shot of McClur’s backside in formfitting underwear. Let me be clear, it shows great courage that Randy can be against the LGBTQ while also having the urge to fuck a Twink...that's support, people.


My Drag Past

I enjoyed dressing in Drag when I was younger. But now This legislation harkens back to the early 1900s, when police across the U.S. enforced clothing laws requiring an individual to wear at least two pieces of clothing that ‘match’ their assigned sex. Cisgender queers and transgender people were regularly arrested, loaded into paddy wagons, beaten, raped and subsequently fired from their jobs once the police reports were published in the newspapers. Anyhoo, go fuck yourselves!

LGBTQ youth who live in a community that is accepting of LGBTQ people reported significantly lower rates of attempting suicide than those who do not. Thanks to my homophobia, these youth in Tennessee are in danger.


of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.


of LGBTQ youth who wanted mental health care in the past year were not able to get it.


of LGBTQ youth reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety

“I see him every day and sometimes when it's least expected. We used to play all the time when we were young and free, but lately, it's only when he's alone and crying. I hate feeling his teardrops as he holds me.”

Governor Bill Lee's Penis

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